What is grasscycling? It’s exactly what it sounds like, recycling your grass! It is the process of naturally recycling your grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn when mowing. Grass clippings decompose quickly, returning vital nutrients back to the soil.


  • Saves time, money and helps the environment.

  • Reduces the amount of yard trimmings disposed of in landfills.

  • Maintenance time is reduced since bagging and disposal of clippings is eliminated.

  • Reduces turf grass fertilizer and water requirements, which saves money and minimizes chemical runoff into storm drains, streams and rivers.

  • Results in a healthy and beautifully green lawn.

So think about it, you don’t have to rake up the lawn clippings, or bag them up and dispose of them, you’re helping the environment AND it makes your lawn healthier and look better. Why not!



  • Short clippings are essential, they allow for quick decomposition and addition of nutrients to the soil.

  • No more than 1/3rd of the length of the blade should be cut.

  • Click here for some height guidelines for various types of grass.


  • Deep, infrequent watering produces a deeper, more extensive root system which enables turf to resist disease and stress.

  • Grass needs an average of 1” of water every 5-7 days during growing season.

  • Do not overwater; this actually is bad for the grass.

For more tips and further information on grasscycling visit the CalRecycle webpage.