Introduction to Irrigation

Water is one of our most precious resources. Lawns and gardens make up about half the total water use of an average home. Studies have shown that many of our lawn and garden irrigation systems are poorly planned and/or have very inefficient watering schedules or need repairs.

Hopefully, the tips and suggestions we offer will provide you with the tools necessary to create a beautiful landscape while saving water, time, and money.

Design: Chris Pedersen, Tending Garden
A beautiful, water wise garden.
A beautiful, water wise garden.

Plants properly watered are healthy with more blooms, resilient foliage, and an increased resistance to pests and disease. The amount and frequency of watering varies and is dependent upon weather, soil conditions, and type of plant.

Plant water needs, hydrozoning, irrigation system design and components, as well as irrigation scheduling must all be considered when creating, or modifying, your lawn or garden irrigation system. Go to the Watering Guide found on the Home for irrigation scheduling information.