Using Salvaged and Recycled Content Materials!

Gardens are a perfect place to use items that would otherwise be thrown away. Salvaged materials can be turned into one-of-a-kind planters, water fountains, decorative accents and more. The possibilities are endless, it just takes some creativity!

Reusing items is important because it prevents them from being landfilled, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, is good for the environment, costs less than purchasing them new and adds visual interest and a unique touch to your garden.

Some salvaged materials that can be used in the garden include:

  • cinder blocks

  • glass bottles

  • tubs

  • boots

  • pallets

  • tires

  • stone

  • driftwood or bamboo

  • broken ceramic pots

  • old furniture

  • mirrors

These are just a few ideas of materials that can be used. Check out the photos below:

Glasss bottle Border
Blocks used as planter
Blocks for planters

Old boots for planters
Boot planter

A mirror in the garden adds interest as well as dimension
Boot planter